Home repairs & Inspection Report estimates

  Send the home inspection report and or pictures with a description of repairs to our email We send back a detailed estimate with estimated costs.(The fine print.)Some inspection reports do not supply proper pictures and an appointment will need to be set to see the repairs in person.There is a $100 trip charge.This charge is credited towards any repairs performed if needed.)

Remediation and Repair

Gerritse construction offers mold and moisture remediation. From minor water intrusion to major leaks and mold growth issues.We will remediate the issue properly and can even put everything back together better then when we started.We do suggest independent mold testing and guarantee our prescriptions for the remediation.If test come back positive after our work is done no extra charge for the extra remediation time and equipment will be added.(Fine print) All mold tests and results must be completed prior to repairing the removed areas of concern.

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